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Why ImageKeeper?

ImageKeeper, an innovative software company integrating Mobile and Web platforms to build industry changing capabilities. We are providing mobile users the ability to generate global, real-time certified authenticated digital media with geospatial intelligence. ImageKeeper's products & solutions are deployed across insurance, law enforcement, government, hospitality, healthcare, and transportation.

Globally Collected Certified Media

Our mobile applications generates accurate geospatial and certified media records for the exact conditions at the precise time of collection

Our systems (mobile/web portal) work together anywhere required and rapidly syncronizes to ensure accurate visibility both, remotely and in the field

Our secure cloud ecosystem provides security, data organization, report writing, preservation, administration tools and secure access

Deliver flexible media content when and where needed seamlessly for collaborative particpation

Our mobile solutions support working in areas with little, to no, connectivity

Immediate on-site collaboration enabled with media, geospatial, maps, satellite imagery and 3rd party overlay tools

ImageKeeper is FAA Certified to operate drones for commercial industries

Our Portal is the Gateway to your data

We streamline mobile deployment and management, you get answers

Your captured/preserved data allows for rapid situational awareness, maximizes clarity, context, precision and collaboration between & among parties

Precise geo-integrated images overlaid in context with, terrain, maps and satellite data

Our visualization solutions increase proficiencies and allow decision makers to make more informed decisions rapidly

The portal provides tools to visualize the data in multiple forms including analytics, heat maps and reports which can easily be shared

Instantaneously presents critical information from widely distributed mobile apps into one common picture for the user

ImageKeeper Features

ImageKeeper’s global technology solution (Digital Media Bank™) has designed and developed a comprehensive mobile platform securely integrated with internet portal access, connected to datacenters with registered users to provide global media coverage. Businesses use ImageKeeper in a variety of new ways to manage their media requirements as part of everyday business workflows by incorporating certified geo-located media. ImageKeeper's certified and geo-located enabled media are fast becoming the new norm as media quickly becomes the universal language to convey information in today’s world of computer image manipulation, fraud, cyber-crime and fake news.

Enabling the most powerful image technology while providing a host of virtual online options

Fast efficient and accurately document anything with certified media, allowing 100% media authentication

Seamless mobile inspection technology

An Intelligent Secure DigitalMediaBank

Multiple fraud prevention techniques have been incorporated into our solutions to minimize risk

Custom solution incorporates e-signature, custom forms, media and maps and geospatial data all integrated

Scalable and elastic allowing quick expansion to meet catastrophes

Fast intuitive training for mobile customers who are moving around

Complete transparency is configurable to suit your specific industry standards and requirements

ImageKeeper’s focus on the latest, most advanced hardware and software insures compatibility with users solutions today and in the future

Security of Your Information

We’re committed to the security of our customers’ data and provide multiple layers of protection for the information you trust to ImageKeeper
Data Security

Our servers are hosted in a Tier 5 datacenter, which employ robust physical security controls to prevent physical access. These controls include 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance and armed on-site security staff.

You Control Access

No one knows your staff better than you do. Put that knowledge to good use by carefully assigning user permissions. This feature allows you to control who can access what data and helps ensure data integrity.

Data Encryption

All of your information is secured by a 256-bit SSL certificate. When signed in, all data is transmitted using an encrypted connection. These are the same security standards used by the most sophisticated online banks.

Data Redundancy

You never have to worry about backing up your data ever again. Everything is automatically backed up in real-time. Need a physical copy? You can export your data with just one click in a variety of formats, including Excel.

Market Diversity


Improve Efficiency with GeoPhoto Enabled Products & Technologies

Risk Management
Risk Management

Intelligent GeoPhoto Provides Advanced Risk Reduction

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

Powering Digital Evidence Collection and Processing


Geo Dispersed, Multi Property Visibility Security Reporting